Guidelines to Volunteering In a Turtle Conservation Project

Animals are a part of nature and man’s environment and should always be treated with dignity. Environmental protection is now an imperative for all of us, and every little bit of effort towards  the conservation of animals helps a lot in preventing the extinction of endangered species.

There are numerous projects that you can choose from when you decide to volunteer Costa Rica. You need to select one that suits you best and give it your all. Volunteering is a way of giving back to community and society by doing the little you can to help, whenever you can. When selecting a project to volunteer in, you need to be quite sure you can handle it. For example, there is no need for volunteering to work in a construction site if you are a teacher; you would serve the community better with your teaching services. If you decide to volunteer in one of the turtle conservatory in Costa Rica, the following guidelines will help you know what to do:

Data Collection

The second thing that you should be good at if you are to succeed as a volunteer in turtle conservation is great data collection ability. When dealing with a species that might be going extinct in a certain area, there will be a lot of important data involved.  If you are to volunteer in a turtle conservation project in Costa Rica, it would be great if you were able to collect data in Spanish.

“Information about turtle numbers generally is negative. It is only through this program and others like it, can people actually do something about it.” Kong Ming Wong

Being able to find certain information and files whenever they are needed goes a long way in improving the way the conservation operates.

· Making Patrols

When planning to volunteer as a turtle conservationist, one thing that you at least need to be well versed in is dealing with predators. Turtle’s hatch-lings are in always in danger and need of immediate attention for them to survive. It is therefore important for you to know a bit about handling the baby turtles when going for a volunteer Costa Rica trip. Most of the times, the officials at the parks and conservation sites will offer you all the necessary information before you begin.

· Passionate About Animals

The last guideline that you should observe is the love for the animals. If you are not an animal lover, it would be hard for you to go the extra mile to help one out. As a volunteer looking to assist in the conservation of turtles in Costa Rica, you need be passionate about animals or turtles at the very least.

I volunteered in three different placements while in Costa Rica including working at a National Park, turtle conservation, and the Natural Reserve. Before arriving in Costa Rica Ligia and Tasha insured all my questions were answered, making me feel confident and comfortable.” Chelsea Crawford.

Ensure that before you embark on your volunteer Costa Rica trip, you at least know some basics when it comes to taking care of turtles and their young ones. You should for example know when the time is right for the baby turtles to be released into the wild.

Whether you are volunteering to teach or to conserve turtles, you need to be fully committed if you are to be any effective. Following provided guidelines to prepare yourself is one way of ensuring that you are fully capable of dealing with any situations that might occur during your volunteer Costa Rica trip.

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