Attracting jobs for students

Our modern world does not have age barriers to study which is one of the major achievements. Therefore these days half of the university students are house wives, officers and etc. They try to achieve their goals which they could not reach when they were young. Some of the students do full time job and part time studies, this systems are available in the universities and most of them do full time studies and part time job. Most of the university student prefer to do a part time jobs while they are studying because they don’t want to be a burden for others and also they can’t depend on others as well. If they do a part time job then they can support to the expenses such as study and living costs.

What are the jobs available for students?

If you decide to do a part time job then you can’t expect a high salary or a job for your qualification. Because it is not your professional occupation and some of the companies only offer this part time jobs, so you have to accept and bare their rules and regulations. When we are saying jobs for student then it includes, works in supermarket, cafes, restaurants, hotels and motels, sales and tele marketing, tutors, baby sitter and house sitter etc. Also there are some part time jobs which you can do by staying at your place and some online part time job also which need computers and internet connection.

How can they find a job?

There are so many websites, magazines and agents who helps to find a perfect. Generally website is the most flexible way to find jobs and some in some sites you have to update you CV and personal details where they will find a good job which suits you. Magazines are traditional advertising tools which is not used by most of the companies because it is more expensive than websites. When we find a job through agents then again we have to pay their commission but in website none of this issues are there.

Advantages and disadvantages of work while studying

Advantages are they can get experience while studying and it will be a major advantage once they step into professional world and they can stand on their own leg without depending on any others to support their living expenses. They can learn time management when they do work and study parallel. And students can learn about budgeting also it will be little break for them from study stress. Especially they will be familiar with the working society and will give them more confidence to face their future challenges.

Disadvantages are it will be a burden for them because they might not have enough time to rest and is also hard to maintain the time management and since it is a part time job it will be hard to get a holiday or sick leave.

Though there are some disadvantages there but still the advantages are more than that. Therefore it is always good to encourage students to do part time job to face a bright future smartly.


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